she saw LIGHT not so bright though enough to catch her sight
at that darkest hour of that day it guided her on her way

she walked miles but not fine to make her smile, the LIGHT was still far but the only one around, as if not the LIGHT but she was found

Her scars are the proof
This road ain't smooth
taking note of this undisputed truth
she decided to show herself no ruth

Like every first thought is, even she had it, just wait and settle
but it was not the way to prove her mettle
She wished to be an eagle not a cattle
She urged to see things from height and not being among some herd or under a sight

Rising up, while her mind convinced her body, She started pulling each step, to reach, to take her and make her that LIGHT!

(it can be compared to the story from Mahabharat where Arjun just saw the eye of the wooden bird where the arrow meant to pierce)


(in pic :- a stanza from my another piece i am writing)

In friendship somethings may not fit
people don't come with manual or kit
try and get their point just take a minute
first make it neat, worth it then declare it lit 😅
Good people, true friends keep up with your score
sometime sweet sometime sour
who sets you right when you are tore?
Believe me my friend he(god) don't make them anymore
counting years is just a set myth
an event is enough to get that firm stitch
here it doesn't matter if poor or rich
there are somethings one can't teach.


Amid all masks and make ups he found a clear face
face as clear as her soul to make his heart race.
Things simple as water still full of grace,
It is his heart; but now she is its ace.

He found it, he found that she is one of his kind,
He believed now, he believed that love ain't a place to find,
He realised now, he realised why his eyes shined
She seduced him; yes she seduce his mind.

But Wait,
There are some things she stumbled upon back,
There's information he don't deserve to lack,
It may have left her heart numb, into pieces or crack
But he will find ways to mend it right back

it has never been so tough to write it
as if the poem is now upset with the poet
unless they together pen it
this piece rest incomplete


Life is this moment come see with me,
you are on your knee holding a rose before your to be.
sorrows are that sudden rose-thorn-prick,
just for that wee, not let the moment crip,
take pride, acknowledge your glitch,
sport imaginary crown, yes you can reach,
here you don't need to tear or stitch,
sometimes; give it to yourself, one nice Miss. Universe speech!


pages could be torn and recycled, and on new pages again life events can be handled.
No need to become a writer, in fact yes, just for once, you have so much events experienced have seen number of suns.
its just you and your paper, the secret is well kept even the pen won't remember any of it later,
its right your life's been such mess; events encoded amidst emotions love and rage, its not the matter of your age nor does matter if you go on for pages or just half a page.

Your life whole have been always a knook,
Go back take a look and decode events in your book!